Workflow for intersecting pitched roofs

Just a general question for those who are doing architectural modeling…what is your workflow for creating intersecting pitched roofs with different slopes.

I thought of modeling half of a roof as a component for each slope and then mirror copying those components. Do you think that is a good approach? Or do you think it is better to extrude the entire roof profile and group/compenent that?

I use a number of instances of a DC component then outershell them to form the roof

there are other types in the same warehouse collection

Sorry, can you explain what “DC component” means? (I am familiar with components in general). Is “outershell” a solid tool or extension? Not familiar. Thanks for responding.

Outershell is part of solid tools, but actually a separate menu item in Tools menu just above " solid tools" It would make a combined “solid” element of all the faces and edges in one or more components. But those components (or groups as well) have to be “solid” to begin with.

I use the intersect command a lot with joining roofs. I also do as you noted, for some gable roofs. The two sides are mirrored instances of the same component. Sometimes I leave them as they are without combining or trimming until later, adding the same features (such as gable details) that will be duplicated in each side of the roof. As the plan develops, and specific features are needed, I’ll make them unique and modify each component or combine them.

I do not often use the solids approach for this, but that is a way to keep the geometry all together and clean–and you can later subtract and join to it as if it were a solid piece of material.

DC components are specially designed components that have parametric features. You can make them or use components designed by others. I think some examples were given above that did not show properly.

As there seems to be some problem in displaying my warehouse page, the attached example may help, the DC on the left is built of ten solids that can be changed via the option dialog of the DC menu. Three copies of this DC are placed (arranged) on the example walls and altered to suit a roof configuration, then each one is outer shelled, then all three is either outershelled or union to complete the roof.

Tig roof generator extension is a good method of creating roofs with even pitch,

By using solids I find it easy to build complex roofs, there are more conceptual DCs on my warehouse page …pcmoor

multiple pitch roof example.skp (176.8 KB)

Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your approach!

Thanks for sharing your approach and the DCs you have developed. I will definately give them a try.