Will SketchUp do takeoffs?

Hello, I would appreciate your help… I am wondering if sketchup will do the things I need. I could watch youtube for days, but I bet one of you will know the answer. I need a cad program that will do quantity takeoffs, 3D perspectives, and is somewhat user friendly. (I know I can find those things for $2000 - $3000, but it’s above my price range) Thank you all so much for your help.

What sort of projects do you intend to use it for?

Thanks for the reply Dave! I do remodeling and additions. It would be great to draw the addition (or existing house) and be able to show the owner our “plan”. I also want to be able to draw a basic “blueprint” and do materials takeoffs from the plan. Do you know if SketchUp will do that, or do you know of another program that might suit my needs better.
Thanks again for your response.

You can do all of that in SketchUp using LayOut for the presentation and construction documents. It won’t do it for you, of course, but you can get all of what you need and more.

That’s great news! I will search for youtube demos regarding LayOut and constructions documents.
Thanks again,

You should start with a search for Nick Sonder and his SketchUp-Layout workflow.

Other video/book resources.