Why Sketchup is taking so long to get a native arm apple silicon version?

You are obviously more advanced than the rest of us so we cannot possibly help you in any way.

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You do know that native M1 versions of SketchUp and Layout were released several weeks ago? Of course you do.

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I stand corrected, they did just release the M1 update. I am going to download the universal installer today and get back to work. Thanks.

Update: SketchUp 2022 Works great on my M1 Max!


We have terrible problems running the native SU 2022 on M1/M1 pro, crashing every 5th minute on all different kinds of projects/models for the last weeks. Have restarted, updated both SU and macOS, but with no luck.

Working in SU2021 via Rosetta 2 works way better, but then we will have even more problems with views/scenes if ever working in SU2022 again in the future.

An extension that doesn’t support M1?
Have you sent in your bugsplats?

You could try running 2022 in Rosetta (you can choose that in Get Info for the SketchUp app). That would help to tell if it is an M1 issue with an extension, or if it is a 2022 general issue.

Yes, un-native SU2021 is working way more reliably than 22 for us at the moment (!).

Every bugsplat have been submitted, but I don’t bother writing my details and explanation on every one of them… :woozy_face:

I don’t see any bugsplats for your email address. Do you know of the number for one of them? If not, next time it crashes watch the browser page that is opened. That will show the bugsplat number.

Hello Colin, thanks for looking into it! I opened SU22 now and worked for 10 minutes (quite long actually!) before it crashed. Now I put my name and e-mail address in the bugsplat-box, and wrote a bit about what I was doing before it crashed this time. Crash #36389. I’m very happy to have SU21 to fall back on – otherwise our working days would be quite unbearable :sweat_smile:

Oh, didn’t see this before, I’ll try forcing SU22 to run in Rosetta 2!

I’ve been running SU22 in forced Rosetta 2-mode now for 22 minutes without crashing, with a quite graphics-, texture- and edge/face-intensive model and no problems so far. I think this is another well-working patch for the time being. Thank you for that suggestion Colin! :slightly_smiling_face:

Still working very well with SU22+forced Rosettat 2 regarding the earlier crashing-issues!

Am still wishing for some major improvements for Layouts performance on macs though :crossed_fingers: