Why doesn't Outer shell work?

Following a tutorial that tries to explain how Outer Shell tool works I try to reproduce the example it gives.

The following step is assembled all the four groups like this.

This is the file I did:

house.skp (123.4 KB)

When I activate X-Ray everything looks like in the previous picture,

But when I apply Outer Shell this should be the result.

But I don’t get the result, the inner walls doesn’t disappear, I even tried drawing just a simple inner wall, but I don’t get that result and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Non of those groups is locked, all of them looks like solid groups, they show volume info in the entity info window.

I also tried grouping the 4 groups before applying outer shell option, but it doesn’t work as it should.

Thanks in advance, I thank all kind of answers.

Your roof isn’t touching your outer wall.
Go to Window/Model info/Units and untick “Enable Length Snapping”.
Then move the roof down so it is touching the walls and run outer shell again.

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Whoops!, works perfectly, You master it! :wink:
You found the key of my mistake, thank you so much,mate.
You all guys answer so fast in this forum, I really appreciate the help.
Let met ask you the following:

  1. Did it take so much time to about that?
  2. How did you realize?
  3. Why Enable Length Snapping is not good in this occasion? it should help to stick.I maybe don’t understand what length snapping does.
  4. To move the roof making it touches the outter walls I needed to explode the roof group, then moving it and grouping it again, is it normal? because on the contrary, the corner of the group box is what it tries to stick.

Thank you so much!!!

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1: not long
2: as soon as I ran outer shell I saw the double profile along the roof line. Which I show in my gif. The two thick lines, then when I fix it you can see it shows as one thin line.
3:Actually in this case it wasn’t that important, but it can cause problems because moving small distances it can force things to jump past the point you want.
4: No need to explode, just grab the corner and move it to the correct point.

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