Interesting how Outer Shell works

I was wondering about how Outer Shell works and what you guys think about it.

I’m new to it and I like it but find something very strange about it at the same time.

Unless I’m missing something this is how I understand it all.

If you have two components or groups, and you combine them with outer shell, Sketchup will automatically erase all of the inner geometry/faces, etc inside so you get nice solid object that is hollow inside.

This is great. But am I understanding correctly that you cannot pick a single component or grouped object and have it automatically get rid of inner geometry?

I don’t really have any struggles anymore with finding and getting rid of inner geometry thanks to the plugin’s and help I’ve received in the past.

I’m just confused as to why Sketchup created a tool that can erase inner geometry when you combined two components but you can’t select a single component and tell Sketchup to erase all inner faces/geometry.

Perhaps I’m missing something here?

It combines SOLIDS and not only groups or components. If you take one single solid group or component, it’s already a solid and nothing have to be deleted :wink:

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Ahhh, I was assuming too much.

Got it.

Also, the internal geometry removed by Outer Shell is the previously external geometry of the two solids that ends up inside by the manner of their juxtaposition. It’s not any old stray geometry you’d like to clean up.


Good info by all …did have to look that one up!! THANKS!! …Peace…