Why are topics still being automatically closed?


Why are topics still being automatically closed ?
Wasn’t this feature switched off ?

Example, this topic was closed even though people are still posting to the topic within the past 24 hours …


Can we get someone to address this issue! I’ll ping you @Barry as you know who to prod.
Useful threads are still being locked, pointless threads from long ago are being resurrected. Today’s one was another ‘things I want added’ from 3 years that someone tacked his bit onto and because of that new post someone has responded to the very old posts, and no doubt it will become another long winded feature request thread.
Could we have some consistency, some threads say will close 3 months after last comment, some say 6 months, others say nothing, some just close without warning or obvious reference to any required days.
Didn’t we go through all this and decide to get rid of this auto close business.