Why am I disappointed with Trimble and SU 2019 pricing?

So I looked at your image that you posted and it is still unclear to me.Are you saying, NOTHING changes as long as I continue to purchase my $120.00 Maintenance plan? I still get everything I’ve been getting for the last 8 or 9 years? No reduction in functionality, My Layout and Style Builder will still work and no extra money to have them and I still get to access the warehouse? Truthfully, I’m afraid to update my Sketchup. It says it’s the latest edition, usually when you issue an update, it tells you to update. AND I do NOT want to be scammed into purchasing a subscription when I already paid for pro AND I’m keeping my maintenance agreement.

That’s what he’s saying. One thing to not be alarmed by though is that when you run SketchUp Pro 2019 for the first time you are given a 30 day trial of SketchUp Studio. That is one of the subscription products. You could try out the extras if you like, but if you’re not interested the trial will end after 30 days, and you’ll still have SketchUp Pro 2019, the non-subscription product.

Also, inside the license window there are two sections, one for subscription and one called “Classic”. Unfortunately it does like to default to the subscription section, leaving you thinking that there are only so many days left in the trial. Select the Classic section to see that your permanent license is indeed working.

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Thanks, but that doesn’t answer any of my questions. I use this every day, so it is a big thing to me. Do I need to find a new program to use?

What Trimble now terms a “classic” license for SketchUp Pro 2019 (and I assume retroactively applies the term to prior releases of SketchUp Pro) is a perpetual license. You will be able to use your properly-licensed copy of SketchUp Pro “forever” as far as Trimble is concerned. (I’m not a lawyer nor a representative of Trimble, but this has been stated many times by Trimble employees on this forum, especially in recent weeks with the release of SketchUp Pro 2019 and its new licensing options. It is also how a great many other software packages have been licensed for decades.)

Certain features may degrade over time, such as access to the 3D Warehouse (if, for example, the programming interface used by the 3D Warehouse is hypothetically changed in the future in some fashion to no longer be compatible with the interface expected by an old/existing version of SketchUp Pro). Similarly, if you choose to upgrade the local operating system that you are using to execute SketchUp (Windows or Mac OS) and the newer release of the O/S includes changes that are incompatible with the old/existing version of SketchUp, the program may not execute properly (or at all, in extreme cases).

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I do not blame Trimble for the price increases but several years ago most of designers saw Adobe becoming the Monopolistic Behemoth of design software. Today they rule and make sure only successful people are able to afford their exorbitant monthly rent pricing per year? What happens when your client or more are late on payments? We are kind of doing the same with Amazon? They gobble up Walmart and Target in the future…similar to Adobe, who purchased PageMaker, Dimensions, Macromedia. Leaving Quark, Corel in the dust. We, as consumers and users must keep this in mind, no one has even attempted to take on Photoshop.

The Adobe price is reasonably good. It’s $53 per month for over 20 applications, and SketchUp Pro is $25 per month for four applications (not counting AR and VR bonuses).

The main difference is the number of users. Adobe have a lot of users, and so can charge a bit less.

My usual argument for subscriptions is that if you’re a professional, and you’re full time using those tools, if you can’t generate one extra hour of income per month from using those tools, then it’s not good value. Hopefully most professional users of Adobe or SketchUp products can think of at least one hour per month where they wouldn’t have had some income, if it wasn’t because of the tools they subscribe to.

Disclaimer though, I’m involved with Adobe, and they give me a CC subscription. But then I do put in a lot of hours helping in their forums.

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I’m livid - I just sent them 180 bucks to renew, only to find out that the vr viewer is not supported.

What a lousy way to treat long-term repeat customers.

The problem is that for the fee, you get measly features such as dashed lines and marginal tape measure abilities, while the meat of the new development is denied. YOU GET VERY LITTLE FOR YOUR MONEY.

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You must have survived the 2006 disastrous economic collapse better than the rest of us. Monthly payments for this program and that adds up but if you ONLY use Adobe programs, I can see your point.
Sketchup itself is reasonably priced but the difference being extensions are also at a cost at least the ones I use. Then you have Anti Virus each month, and a myriad of payments per month, like Printers, Inks, substrates etc., before long the profit margin has slimmed greatly. Not sure what you charge per hour or how many projects you have? I took an 80% drop in income, for a few years now. Not too many years ago colleges were warning students not to go into Architecture because of the severe drop in incomes for the profession! They have since bounced back in many areas. When I spoke with Adobe it was $53.00 just for Photoshop? Not the whole Creative Suite I will have to check on that.

Affinity is pretty much industry norm now so you can have an equivalent of Photoshop and Illustrator (and soon INDD) for low perpetual costs. I took Affinity designer for a spin for several months and thought it was great and did everything I was doing in Illustrator for the most part, in many cases I found it better and more fun. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/

But professionally I still find the CC suite superior for multiple reasons (animation and plugins etc).

Here is the plans page:


The $53 per month is for all of the apps, but based on an annual commitment. If you only want to pay a month at a time, and be able to stop at any time, you pay $80 per month. You can save 6% more than the $53 rate if you prepay annually, then it’s $600 per year.

Thanks I will look into that. I don’t do much Graphic Design anymore too many people have been charging Pre 1996 hourly rates. Especially after the 2006 fiasco!

I was was doing book covers and making good money but even those have been replaced by “ Pre Illustrated covers!” These hobby artist spend hours doing these then charge $150.00!???