Whitelist my school Domain Please

Please help.
I am unable to access Sketchup for schools via Gsuite as it goes on the continuous loop many other users have experienced not recognising my gsuite credentials.
I am currently teaching remotely due to Covid 19 and am unable to access Sketchup Pro via Gsuite as per a typical year because I am required to be onsite using the schools server to get the software functioning (which obviously I cannot do due to the present lockdown in Victoria).
To try and keep things ticking over I have signed up for sketchup for schools but now hit this issue, and no doubt my students will too. If you can resolve this issue I’d be very grateful.
My schools domain is: eastdonsc.vic.edu.au
Thank you,

We are having issues accessing Sketchup EDU. It is a bummer there is no support. Can someone whitelist craneschool.org as a k-12 School and confirm, please. Our planned curriculum is suffering.

@Steve_Ketchup Hello, could you please allow our domain for GEMS Education:

@gemsedu.com (Staff)
@gemselearning.onmicrosoft.com (Students)
@gemselearning.com (Students)

@Steve_Ketchup Hello, could you please allow our domain for Centro Formacion Profesional;



@warwick.bennett @swheat @esilva @robert.wohlgemuth

I have added your domain to our registry. Please be aware that your G Suite admin will need to approve the permissions for the app in order to deploy SketchUp for Schools to your domain. If this has not yet been done, please direct your admin to the SketchUp for Schools app page on the G Suite marketplace: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/sketchup_for_schools/260457348581

Hi Steve, Could you please white list our domain/emails for West College Scotland?
@wcs.ac.uk (Staff)
@live.wcs.ac.uk (Students)

Hi Robert,

Apologies for the delay. I have approved your domains for use of SketchUp for Schools. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble logging in.