Which Macbook is best for Sketchup

I haven’t had much chance to play around with Sketchup, and am now planning to buy a macbook to bring to work so that I can use the program during downtime at my job. I’m wondering what would be the best macbook to get? Money isn’t a barrier, but if I don’t need a more expensive Macbook (ie: Pro) then I’d rather save the money.

In researching I see that Sketchup doesn’t make use of hyperthreading so I know I should really shoot for the fastest processing speed regardless of # of cores. I’ve seen conflicting info on what impact the graphics card has. I’m thinking that the obvious choice --would-- end up being a high end macbook Pro, for the larger (15") screen size and the fastest processing speed of any of the Macbooks… but would I notice a significant difference between the Macbook Pro and say a Macbook Air?

a recent, high-clocked i7/i5 and a dedicated graphics processor instead of an integrated (and therefore slow) sub-system of the CPU (= intel HD/intel Iris).

8 better 16 GB of RAM and a not to small SSD seems to be obvious.

I also want to know that which one is the best for Sketchup, I have Macbook Pro, to get fastest processing speed may this will be the best or not? Whenever I have faced any issue related to Macbook then I contact with Apple Customer Service Number and got the exact solution.

Jackdenial, I tried your website and it takes me to some spammy site?

All of Aaron’s live modeling are done on MacBook Pro, and it’s a couple of generations old. One option would be to get a refurbished MacBook Pro, hopefully for a similar price to a MacBook Air or MacBook. As SketchUp3D_de said, more memory and SSD are useful.

I wouldn’t make a decision right now though, not when it’s four days before an Apple event.

I just know I bought the top 2018 MBP and returned it. I saw no performance boost over older/lesser models and the (further) lack of flexibility and $400 battery replacement turned me off. I noticed nothing special about SU use. I had to buy a special bus board and other adapters to plug anything into it.

Agree with the above more RAM and bigger SSD. Possibly get one with an nVidia card.

I also use SketchUp with a MacBook Pro 15" (often as a Desktop Replacement with two 4k-Monitors, Keyboard and Mouse connected to the Macbook) with this specs: 2,9 Ghz quad-core i7, 16 GB Ram, Radeon Pro 560 4 GB. And I´m pretty happy with it.
The following link (to the German SketchUp-Forum), shows a complex Architecture-Project I made, with lots of furniture and every single Rooftile in 3d. And it runs on my Macbook with all elements turned on, but without Shadows, satisfying (even on the 4k-Monitor). On my PC with Quadcore I7 4,2 Ghz, 16 GB & GTX 1080 this only does run a little better.

I recommend a MacBook Pro with similar specs.

That’s most likely because the processor in the PC is running at a faster speed than the one in your Mac. SketchUp runs almost entirely on a single CPU core for its primary functions after all. Even the fastest video card wouldn’t make the big difference in speed here until you start taking about rendering.

Yes. But not only the pure clockspeed seems to be determining.

Link to PassMark CPU Benchmarks - Single Core Performance:

But when it comes to the shadows, the GPU seems to be important.

BTW: Meanwhile I switched from my Macbook to my Alienware Laptop. GPU and CPU multicore speed are much faster. Not that important in SketchUp, but in Renderingtools like Lumion/Twinmotion/Vray.