Which Macbook is best for Sketchup


I haven’t had much chance to play around with Sketchup, and am now planning to buy a macbook to bring to work so that I can use the program during downtime at my job. I’m wondering what would be the best macbook to get? Money isn’t a barrier, but if I don’t need a more expensive Macbook (ie: Pro) then I’d rather save the money.

In researching I see that Sketchup doesn’t make use of hyperthreading so I know I should really shoot for the fastest processing speed regardless of # of cores. I’ve seen conflicting info on what impact the graphics card has. I’m thinking that the obvious choice --would-- end up being a high end macbook Pro, for the larger (15") screen size and the fastest processing speed of any of the Macbooks… but would I notice a significant difference between the Macbook Pro and say a Macbook Air?


a recent, high-clocked i7/i5 and a dedicated graphics processor instead of an integrated (and therefore slow) sub-system of the CPU (= intel HD/intel Iris).

8 better 16 GB of RAM and a not to small SSD seems to be obvious.


I also want to know that which one is the best for Sketchup, I have Macbook Pro, to get fastest processing speed may this will be the best or not? Whenever I have faced any issue related to Macbook then I contact with Apple Customer Service Number and got the exact solution.