Where to find download for Classic Sketchup Pro 2021?

I have a license for SU pro 2021, desktop version with Serial number and authorization number. I am switching to new laptop. I’ve uninstalled my Sketchup Pro on old laptop. Now, where the heck do I find the download button for latest version of “classic” SU Pro '21? Please don’t direct me to a German site like a previous help link did. I speak English.

Thank you.


The German site is very useful for all the old versions and is easy to navigate and download an English version.

However 2021 is still available at the official download site.

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Download-Center – SketchUp Pro (sketchup3d.de)

I don’t think you will have a problem :wink: with this link… even it is in German site…

I am so sorry. No intention to offend. I just thought it would be very straightforward to locate a classic download page for my previously paid version of SU Pro 21. I got frustrated that Trimble made it so difficult as all I could find were ways to subscribe to a newer version etc. Started losing patience as I had to search for such a simple thing on the forum. Then when link took me to German site, I was both confused and at wits end–so I got testy with my language. You guys are awesome to help out less proficient users like myself. Dave Richards also responded so quickly–he and I have had interactions for some years now. Check with Dave–I try to reward my Sketchup fairies with Alaska Salmon, and now and then are successful.

You got me to the download page I was seeking. Muchos Gracias!

Kris Calvin
Sisters, OR

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OK it worked! All set to rock and roll on the new laptop.

Thank you, Thank you!