Where is the origin of a component?

I have made quite some progress, but suddenly I realize that despite all the videos I could look to, There is somethign I dont understand.

When I select a component and look to its attributes, I see its position (X,Y,Z).

I just dont understand where is the origin of this measure in the component ?

I thought that the Axes tool allowed to define it. But I see now that I am wrong. Changing the axes origin does not change the (X,Y,Z) components. Or do I do something wrong ?


Turn on the axes in Model Info>Components. Click Show Component Axes.

If you want to change the location/orientation of the component axes, right click on the component and select Change Axes.

Where are you looking? This sounds like maybe you are working with a Dynamic Component?

Yes, I am using dynamic components, but just to position accurately the component.


I missed this one ! I have not explored all the submenus yet.

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