When does Trimble plan to sync up its documentation with its products?

When is Trimble going to sync up its document with the Sketchup for Web interface?

I just subscribed to Shop, and it’s really frustrating trying to find documentation (either Trimble’s, or 3rd-party books, or YouTube videos) that match up with the interface.

This causes a lot of translating (“Where’s the collections interface? Are groups the same as collections? Heck if I know!”)

I can understand how how the 3rd-party content could be dated, but Trimble’s online content isn’t current, either. Don’t you guys update the documentation when you finalize the code?

So I’m asking, where is a solid documentation/tutorial that actually reflects the current Sketchup for Web (Shop Edition, ideally, but I’ll cope with a Free-oriented version for now).

You are right that most online material is for the desktop version, and most things directly from us is done on Mac.

For now, there are these videos that are web specific:

and this help center article:

Ironic considering both relative market share of Windows vs Mac and also the long history of ignoring UI tweak requests on Mac!

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The ones I know off are trays and the materials palette. I don’t mind working in the standard Mac OS like colors palette, or using palettes instead of trays. It would be nice to have a way to organize palettes better, but coming up with cross platform code to make Mac work like Windows must be a significant amount of effort.

Why it is we all are using MacBook Pros may come from the Google days. Although Google is Apple’s main competitor in mobile phones and cheap laptops, they are one of Apple’s biggest customers.

One good thing, if SketchUp ever became PC only you would get advance notice of that, because I would have left the company.

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Colin, I appreciate the links. I’ll check them out.