What was Google thinking as far as the material editor on Mac?


I am sorry, but the design of the material editor for Sketchup is terrible. They had a great system on the PC version. Why change it?? I have been struggling to figure out how to adjust the colors in my model for the last 15 minutes and am getting no where. The design makes no sense, and this is on a Mac a brand that has the highest respect for usability. I am putting this here in case there is anyone at Google that is reading this. Please fix the material editor. This thing is borderline unusable for a creative professional.


Perhaps this will help…

Materials — SketchUp Help

Trimble acquired SketchUp from Google in 2012


The materials editor on the Mac is supplied by Apple so you can thank them. And. It wasn’t Google or Trimble who designed it.


which doesn’t mean that they have to stick to it instead of using something own …as already implemented for the Windows platform.

I second this enhancement request.


The Mac SU materials editor was cobbled together as a patch to the OS X color chooser. I don’t know whether that was because they thought it would be familiar to Mac users or seemed like an easy way, but it was in any case a choice instead of programming one from scratch. Because it garbles together the concepts of color and material I think it was a poor design choice.


I haven’t used the mac version much but I think the problem with its Material inspector is how it mixes up the material concept with the concept of color. Maybe it would make sense to use the Apple color picker for actually picking color, as a part of material editing, but it doesn’t seem to make any sense at all for picking a material.