What is your method for finding high quality models in The Warehouse?


I seem to be spending more time than I think I should finding high quality models in The Warehouse. When staging an interior you have to find a lot of models and having to sort through tons of below average models really eats up my time.

I think my workflow would be much more efficient if I optimized this area of my practice.

How do you guys find the right, high quality, interior products (tables, sinks, washing machines, ect) for your architectural models?

The method I have been using to find high quality models is to search for an item, lets say “washing machine.” I then look for the highest quality one and click it. I then go to the bottom of the page and look at what “collection” it is a part of. This is usually a great place to find models of similar quality.


You could buy a subscription to the Podium Browser which has render ready models for SU Podium that are high quality. You could also just search for “Podium Browser” in the 3D warehouse. Several people have shared high quality models form the podium browser there.

I know Architizer is starting a free service providing models but I’m not sure about the quality.


Define high quality.


Low polygon. Looks good. Does its job.

Not easily quantifiable?


I was waiting for @icapture’s definition. We have our own: https://blog.sketchup.com/3dwarehouse/what-makes-great-3d-warehouse-model-checklist that goes into detail on this. Now unfortunately, we don’t give search terms for ALL the checklist items, but we’re working on improvements in general.

@Anssi, in terms of the advanced search for those 3 I tried on another thread to express via low poly, popular (usually means it looks good), and does it’s job is perhaps captured in “it’s in a catalog”, or someone who’s business is about these items. None of those HAVE to be true, but in general, they will be.

Keep 'em coming, folks, I’m enjoying the suggestions.


For me high quality is high poly and realistic.

Basic models are faster to model than to search for.


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