What events trigger Sketchup to call Tool.enableVCB?

It seems a tool call enableVCB? when a mouse button is pressed. For various reasons I want to force Sketchup to call this method - that is I want to force Sketchup to enable the VCB. Is there a way of doing that, like producing some kind of harmless dummy event (except button down)?

The things I can find that will make SU query enableVCB? is:

  • activate
  • onLButtonDown
  • onLButtonUp
  • onLButtonDblClick
  • onRButtonDown
  • onReturn

Disables VCB:

  • deactivate
  • suspend

Uses cached state:

  • resume (suspend cache the state)

But I’m not seeing any way to force refresh it. (Log a feature request?)

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Thanks for the list…but as I suspected, it seems I’m out of luck.

Maybe if you say more about when and why you want to do this somebody can find a way to achieve your real goal.


I have in some extension tools permanently enabled the VCB when I had complex rules for input. Then return a beep/message if VCB is entered at times when it’s not acceptable.

That is what I did - It seems to be a rather modest crime according to the laws of UX.

You can at any time change the VCB label between your actual label and an empty string if you want to give a hint of the VCB state changing.

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The VCB is strange already, since it’s not really a text input field. You don’t click on it to enter input.