Well known window

A window that has been in the news recently.

I gave up trying to use an premade IBL for this, so I set up lights in the model like a photo studio.

The south facing rose window from the Notre Dame cathedral. Part of a larger project. I may refine it more.


Another part of the project…

Vaulted ceilings take a bit of time.


I see what is coming… :smiley: Looks very promising. We actually may just be working on the same project, haha (oops, spoiler alert). Do you have blueprint references?

No blue prints - not sure they were invented in 1163.:grin:

This site has some of the best reference I have found -

Mapping gothic


@GSTUDIOS, That’s a great link, I enjoyed several hours of browsing the site. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
Oh, and awesome window and groin vault as well!