Weird size issues in 2023

Getting a weird issue with some old files when opening in SKUP 2023.

The scaling of different sections is wildly different when opening, when opening the file on the online editor it is fine.


Any suggestions on how to fix this?

There was a bug in the version of SketchUp that was used to make that file - so it opens incorrectly in versions where it isn’t present.

There is a script here you can run to correct it

go to the extension menu, then developer, then ruby console.

Paste that code in and press enter

Thanks for the info. I’ve tried running the code but there seems to be no change in the file after hitting enter.
23_I12x27 BTB_summer.skp (1.1 MB)File attached for reference.


I am able to repair your file by opening it with the SU2022 SDK (I didn’t try any newer ones) and saving the file in SU 2017 format, but at this point I don’t have a generic solution.

Try opening this file and let us know if it is all correct.

23_I12x27 BTB_summer repaired (SU 2017).skp (1.5 MB)

If that works, It’d take me a few minutes to throw together an extension fix these files,


Still getting the scaling issues on this file with SU2023 unfortunately.

Is this version of the file from before you ran the script?