Website is down

Accessing and getting a 503 error. Accessing via a 2020 Macbook Pro via both Firefox and Chrome.

What production system does maintenance in the middle of the day Eastern time?

SU Team is aware and working on the problem. Thanks.

getting it to, on edge browser. I figured id tell you as well

It’s fixed now.

Nope still not fixed still getting error 503

I have the same problem. Using chrome.

Same issue, does someone know what’s happening?

Still does not work for me, tried with Chrome, Firefox and Safari on my MacBook Pro.

internet is broken, it is the end of the world !

sketchup for web still working though. there :

Or their website has been hacked? :thinking:

Nice, many thanks.
Have a nice day. :wink:

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For 2 day SketchUp website is down. Really need it for work deadlines

Oh, great! Thanks!

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A quick question - why does the Sketchup status site show everything AOK and no reported issues when there are know issues for 2 days and website currently 503?..

Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache?

The site is loading correctly in UK at the moment.

I did point that out to colleagues, that although the status page includes a lot of subdomains, it strangely doesn’t list itself.

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For me it was back by 11pm last night, but colleagues in Europe didn’t see it settle down until about three hours ago.

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We just got an update to say that work on the site is still ongoing. It hopefully will be there all the time now, but if it goes away again, it’s not a new problem, it’s work being done on the existing problem.

Anyone know if this is affecting saved projects for SketchUp Web? I just logged on and all of my projects have gone missing…