Webdialog Win10 IE11 CSS

@john_drivenupthewall, yes that makes sense.

So you had upgraded from Windows 8.x ?

I just noticed that installing SketchUp 2016 did not yet change SketchUp’s Browser Emulation setting. (On my machine it is still set to emulate IE9, and that is what CTRL+L and loading “whatsmybrowser” test page shows.)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION

Mine is still set to 0x270F (9999 decimal), which is emulate IE9.

22B8 (8888 decimal) emulates IE8.

Try setting to 2AF8 (11000 decimal) or 2AF9 (11001 decimal) for MSIE11 emulation.

ADD: see this thread post for more info:
Loss of WebDialog Functionality in All Extensions, 3DW and EW

EDIT: I just tried changing to emulation 2AF9 (11001 decimal) for MSIE11, re-starting SketchUp, and then retrying the “whatsmybrowser” test page, and the box showing “compatibility mode” is gone, and just MSIE 11 under Windows 7, along with “Your browser is up to date” message.

Now we’d think that a HTML page’s X-UA-Compatibility setting would override, but maybe is doesn’t ?