Vray for 2024

Any update or workaround on vray for sketchup on 2024? Current install exe vray_62002_sketchup_studio_win does not have the 2024 option. just 21,22 and 23.


Actually it does. Go here: Downloads

Click on the 2024 option.

Please update your forum profile, too.

Thanks Dave, for some reason following the link in my profile panel only led me to 6002.

FYI the download link in “My Products” still links to the old 6002 vray. that is where I was looking.

Thanks again Dave for the correct link to the latest.

Maybe whoever is in charge of the link on the My Products page needs to update that info. Maybe @colin could pass it on to the right person.

Anyway, glad you’re set up.

I have asked for someone to check into why the one we give hasn’t been updated. It’s after midnight for me, so I won’t see an answer for about 7 hours.

The time zone differences don’t always work in my favor. The UK based staff already let me know that it’s a known issue, in the process of being fixed.

Going to bed now…