Virus infection

Hi Guys, I was working on sketchup 8, on Windows XP. My PC was attacked by a virus and I can’t find my sketchup project file. I used ‘‘Recuva ‘’ to find my file on my PC, and I find the shortcut of the projetct, but I still cant find the project file. I tried a research with ‘’.skp’’, and ‘‘Skb’’ extensions, I still got nothing. Is there another type of extension file I should use. Please can someone help me with that.

Exactly which version of Sketchup are you using? There is no “SketchUp 8 free web version” so it must be something else.

If you are using SketchUp 8 and can’t find any SKP or SKB files on your computer, it may be that they’ve been deleted. If Recuva can’t find them, you may need to hire a recovery firm to try.

Hi DaveR , I was using sketchup 8, the free version available on the web. I hire a recovery firm, but I still can’t finf it, I just found the last shortcut of the project. Is there other types of extensions I could try.Thanks

Version 8 was replaced in 2013 and there never was a web based version 8.

Where did you get this “sketchup 8, the free version available on the web”?

If you are using the web based SketchUp Free instead, you should sign in to your Trimble Connect account to see if it was saved there. To be honest, I’m not sure the web based version will run in browsers that work in Windows XP.

Ok, I see what you mean, is somewhere I can find temporary sketchup files

I can’t answer your question because you still haven’t clarified which version you are using. If it’s SketchUp 8 as you’ve said, the only place your file would be is on your computer. If they aren’t there, they don’t exist.

I were using the version 8. So, my file has been deleted, because I can’t find it

Version 8 is a desktop client version, not a web based version. If your hard drive was reformatted or otherwise wiped of its data, your SketchUp files would be gone.

My hard drive was not formatted, and I found some sketchup files. there is still one project I can’t find. Beside skp and skb, is there other extensions file I can try to find, even if it’s not the last version of my project, it could help.

Many ‘recovered’ files lose their file extension, so it is worth searching for your Project name.

As Box says, maybe the extension is gone. SketchUp itself only creates SKP and SKB files. If you can’t find it, you’ll probably just have to start over.

I tried with the project name and I found only the shortcut

I expect you’ve exhausted your options, then. It sounds like your best bet is to start over.

Ok, thanks guys.

Please take a few moments and fix your profile with the correct version and license of SketchUp as well as your graphics card. Having that information entered correctly helps us help you and avoids confusion.

The shortcut’s properties will tell you the path to the related SKP.
Have you look at that folder ?

I tried that but I got nothing. I know my file is somewhere on my PC, maybe with another name, but I can’t find it.

If you can’t find the file with the SKP or SKB extension, there’s nothing to open in SketchUp. Instead of continuing to search for it, you should just get busy and remodel it.

I see what you mean, but it tooks me many weeks to remodel…

It seems to me that you’ve been wasting time, though. If this model is important, you should get busy and be active about replacing it.