Viewer to Ipad

Just watched the skechup for iPad webinar… looks like I have sketchup on my iPad already but when I try to use it, says sketchup viewer at the top of screen and doesn’t have all the tools for sketchup… how do I switch from viewer to sketchup for iPad?

Yeah, the transition is set up a little weird since Apple was using Testflight as part of the Beta. It essentially piggybacked the full app on Viewer.
By now it should all be sorted out. If you go to the app store and search SketchUp or SketchUp for iPad, it should only show the full version and not the Viewer. Worst case scenario you’ll have to uninstall Viewer first.

Ahh ok… ya I looked up in the App Store sketchup for iPad and says its installed already but just says “sketchup” But I like the idea of uninstalling to try

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Do you have a SketchUp Go or SketchUp pro subscription?
It’s not part of any free offerings

Un/Reinstall was what I had to do on my iPhone even though that’s still technically the viewer app. For my iPad, I had to uninstall Testflight, otherwise I’d get notifications for updates that couldn’t actually complete. After that, I went to the App Store, clicked “Open” and that smoothed everything out.

I have sketchup pro 2021