Viewer looking in the wrong MS OneDrive account

I have the new sketchup viewer (v. 5.5.3 (1537)) on my Android phone and it was working fine allowing me to open files from my one drive account as normal. However, I logged in to an alternative onedrive account on the same phone using the oneDrive app. and then logged out again and logged back in to the original (correct) account with my work on it. The problem is that now when I open the viewer and go to the onedrive cloud account available to me it is the wrong account and I cant see how I can remove or change the account the viewer is looking at. Can any one help please?

I have restarted the viewer and the phone and the one drive app.

That’s 5.4.3 I hope, because we haven’t shipped a 5.5.3. That’s very weird: when you log out of the account, everything should be logged out. When you go to the onedrive account, is it from clicking cloud icon (upper right) then Files on Device? If you do have files on your home screen, those may have been downloaded, and will remain there, and if you want to redownload from the cloud, you have to delete and re-download. This is to prevent someone in the office from screwing up a field demo you’re doing to a client by editing the model.