Vfs.rb load error--SketchUp 2015



Dear all,

I’d been facing this loading error issue recently, may I know how do I remove or counter this to stop it from appearing next time ?

Load error as stated:

Side note: I’m using Podium extension.

Would appreciate any advices on how to remove this window from popping out.
Thankyou very much.


Remove vfs.rb if you don’t need it. Install the current version if you do need it. It’s generally a bad idea to copy plugin files from an older SketchUp installation into a newer one.

A Google search for vfs.rb turns up lots of hits on the subject of this error.


I’m with Dave on this, from what I can see when squinting at your error message it is a vray issue.
In future it helps to have a relevant thread title.


I edited the thread title to make it relevant to the actual issue.


Hi both sage, thanks so much for helping.
I’d removed vfs.rb and it dont pop out anymore.
It helps ! :smile:

Another issue I’m facing is that while iI’m doing my SU Model, it tends to hang intermittently whenever I’m rotating or shifting to another view angle, may I know what’s the possible cause of it ?
The model file size are around 44MB tentatively. And I’m using it for landscaping, so I’ll need to download quite a number of 3D tree models. Could this be the cause ?


Yes, a model with a lot of geometry or large textures (and tree models often have both) will bog SketchUp down. You might consider using proxy components (e.g. see the Proxy View extension on sketchUcation) to simplify the model while you work on it and swapping the complex components in only for final presentation.


Hi, May I know where do I get the Proxy View Extension plug in from ?


There’s a download button for it at the link given by slbaumgartner.


Vfs.rb is tied with Vray for SketchUp.

You can just install Vray again for the new version if this was what you were trying to do.


Alright, will go ahead and get the plug in from there.
Thankyou for the assistance :smile:



I do not require Vray tentatively yet :smile:
Thanks for the advice :smile:


THANK YOU!!!Deleting the vbs file solved the problem!!