Vertex tools 2 tool bars won't show

I’m running 2021 latest version and licensed vertex tools 2.0.5. The tool bars have mysteriously gone away. I got them to show up, then tried to dock them in the side tool bar and now they have disappeared. I’ve tried everything. reset, reset all in the tool bar dialog, restarting sketchup, restarting the computer, etc. The other tool bars will come and go with the checkboxes in the tool bar menu. Not vertex tools. I badly need to learn to use these tools to hopefully get some get some real work done and all the instructional videos seem to use the tool bars. This is very disconcerting and very frustrating when dealing with a subject and toolset that is quite obtuse in its own right. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Whether they appear is controlled by View/Toolbars.Try that to see if they are checked.

Even if they don’t appear, you can get the the various options in the Tools/Vertex Tools menu.