Various uses for the 3D Warehouse


Continuing the discussion from Simplifying 3Dwarehouse models for use as entourage:
@john_mcclenahan and @NewThinking2 briefly discussed uses for the 3D Warehouse (3DW) in the above linked discussion thread. I thought I’d chime in with another use: Sharing work in progress!

I just uploaded a model to the 3DW:

It’s in no way complete, but I’ve got a couple of CAD/CAM cabinetmakers (not part of this forum) interested in how I’m using SketchUp to do preliminary work before going to a CAD/CAM optimized modeler (in this case, I’ll be going to Fusion360).

So, to refer back to the topic of this thread, one additional valid (I think) use for the 3D warehouse is to share work in progress.

Please feel welcome to chime in with your use case for the 3D warehouse.


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