Valentines day Request


Hi, new to SketchUp and wanted to hire someone to make a 3d model of a valentine for a friend of mine. She loves to draw and one day she doodled this cat that she loved so much she named it and began drawing it regularly. I was wondering if someone would be willing to make a model of said cat (message me for reference picture) holding up a large heart that reads “would you be my valentine?”

I’m not really sure if this too specific to ask or anything, again I’m pretty new :sweat_smile: but if anyone could help me out, that would be great.


Where does she lives? Maybe she could be my valentine, as well😃
With almost two months before valentine, you could try it yourself, first?#mattersoftheheart


any tips on making it then? absolutely no idea where to begin with this, never done 3D modelling before.


Start here:


@Sonicrocks456 , see this site about… SketchUp:


I can create for you.



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