V-Ray Sketchup ,Archviz approach e-book

Dear mates
I have recently prepared an ebook on V-Ray for SketchUp. It has been carefully arranged and fully illustrated for those who are respecting their time and are interested to save time/effort and is a direct path to the goal of preparing nice renders.
It is designed so that you may follow the steps easily and fully illustrated from steps and render samples.
You may find it here:

There is also a free tutorial on carpaint material creation and scene setting here:

As always your comments and progress news are welcome


Thanks @majidsketchup for sending us this resource and being a part of the community here! I am glad that you also included a free resource in this post.

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Thank you for the comment and hope it is beneficial.

I am waiting for the next V-Ray release and hope having time to review the e-book or even hopefully prepare some video tutorials, while still the previous e-book is valid for v2.x users.



Is this book available in Persian?

سلام دوست عزیز.
این تاپیک مربوط به 2015 هستش و خیلی قدیمیه و مربوط به نسخه 2 نرم افزاره
متاسفانه هیچوقت فرصت نشد که ترجمه بشه و در حال حاضر هم قصد به روز رسانی اون رو ندارم. از این بابت که برای نسخه وی-ری2 تهیه شده و با توجه به سرعت تغییرات اینترفیس نسخه 3 و رسیدن به نسخه 4 یا همون نکست، دست نگهداشتم که برای نسخه 4 اونو به روز کنم. و شاید در اونصورت نسخه رایگان فارسیش برای نسخه 4 هم تهیه بشه.
موفق باشید

Noop, not at the moment unfortunately!