V-RAY 3.x for Sketchup and GPU rendering


Has anyboty tried to use GPU on MAC PRO (Radeon PRO 5xx) to render SU scenes? I’ve read a lot about NVIDIA GPUs as render solution but not much about Radeon cards.



I think you cannot render with Radeon.


Hybrid Rendering with CPUs and the CUDA Engine
Starting in 3.60, V-Ray GPU can perform hybrid rendering with the CUDA engine utilizing both the CPU and
NVIDIA GPUs. V-Ray can now execute the CUDA source on the CPU, as though the CPU was another CUDA device. To enable the hybrid rendering mode, simply enable the C++/CPU device from the list of CUDA devices.
The hybrid rendering mode does not require any special drivers. Furthermore, you can use the CPU as a CUDA device even if you don’t have an NVIDIA GPU and/or NVIDIA drivers installed. Meaning, this mode can be used on computers that don’t even have GPUs. The hybrid render engine running on a CPU supports the same features as the regular V-Ray GPU CUDA engine.

Yes I had a Mac pro tower in my last job, I did not have Vray but it was rubbish for THEA. I moved my rendering onto a PC tower now with a CUDA card while using my MAC for the design work instead.

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