Using Sketchup 2015 to make Meshes?


hi please please please i will like to make kind of mesh using sketchup, please do you know of any tutorial i can use?. i have been up the whole night to make one but don’t know how. :disappointed: :tired_face:

secondly is this a good path to follow been that am still a novice about dimensions



Bad link.

Don’t force people to watch a twenty minute video in order to answer your question. Have some consideration for other peoples’ time. If you’ve got a question to ask, ask it. Succinctly.

And finally, this category is for people to post tutorials, not questions. Use the SketchUp category.



Her name is Gina, and she is a clothing designer.
She wishes to use SketchUp to design clothes, hence the reason she is interested in meshes.


The “About” sticky link actually says to post tutorials in the “How-To” category. I’ve replied to Jody in that thread about the absense of this category.


Nonetheless the advice is accurate. No point compounding the problem.



thanks for the advice, Dan, sorry foyle just new still learning :slight_smile: and also my way around here, thanks for trying