Using Older Desktop Version of Sketchup

We have been using the desktop version of Sketchup in our school for years and now the school version is online going forward.

We cannot use that version because we do a lot of rendering using an extension iRender which handles all rendering. The heart of our school program and classes is to render drawings into real world applications.
The online version does not allow for this.

I was hoping we can still use a desktop version of Sketchup so we can cotinue to do our rendering. Even a few years older version would work for us.
I am hoping this is possible.
Thank you

Great question @jlaub! you are absolutely welcome to continue to use the older versions for as long as you wish. If you purchased a perpetual license, it will continue to work and if you are using the free version of the desktop client, that is fine too. Just remember that we have ended our official support of the free version of the desktop client so you will be on your own if you run into problems with it. Additionally, changes to operating systems and hardware will mean that it will someday stop working.

When that day does come, you may need to finally make the transition to the web version. Thankfully there are numerous rendering programs out there that can read .skp files and some of them are even free. I personally have been experimenting with Twinmotion lately and have been having some pretty great results with their free version.