Using Math to Create Curves

Is there any add-on, extension, or anything or anyway that I can graph an equation? Ideally, it would let me draw any mathematical curve out there. For example, let’s say I want a hyperbolic curve. I could plug in the right values and create the curve. Now I have a curve that is exactly what I need. I already have the Curve Maker extension, but it doesn’t offer many “curves,” mainly spirals. Plus, you are limited to the provided spirals, and in most cases, I want a curve, not a spiral. Is there any tool out there for this? It would be an incredibly useful tool.

You might want to give U-V PolyGen a try: spirixcode - C - U-V PolyGen

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try it out.

Sweet, I think I got it figured out, at least for what I need it for. It’s a bit complex and I don’t understand all of how it works, but It’ll work fine for now. U Start and U End define the domain of the function, U Steps determine how many segments will make up the curve, and I simply set X equal to u and write my equation in terms of u. That’s what I’ve gathered so far. I’ll probably figure out more as I go. Anyway, thank you so much! This will work perfecly!

It sounds like you have a good handle on things.

For clarification, the plugin allows for one to three dependent variables (x,y,z) and one or two independent variables (u,v). For a traditional x/y plot of some function y = f(x), you can use u for the x and ignore v by setting it to 0,0,1 for the start, end, and steps parameters. For example, a traditional plot of y = x^2 (a parabola) from x = -2 to x = +2 can be created by:

It may be worth noting that you can generate discontinuous plots as well if you’re careful to use a number of segments that prevent u from equaling zero and causing an error. For example, the plot of y = 0.1 / x from -2 to +2 is discontinuous at x = 0 due to the undefined result of dividing by zero. Using 99 segments (instead of 100) generates this result:

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