Using Live Components

One other thing about the length of time it takes to start editing a LC. Here’s a vid that demonstrates the problem. But it can take even longer.

LC edit time


… which instructs testers to post in the SketchUp Labs categories here in this forum.

This category (that @dezmo moved it to) is fine for general discussion of worth and use of LCs.

To discuss details about specific LC components or request new ones, the LC Content subcategory is the place to post. One topic per request or per component.

The spiral stair LC was promising, but it seems buggy. No matter what I enter for total rotation it ends up 343°. I need to be able to do 360° with 30° treads, etc. Need to be able to make a 4" dia. pole (100+mm)

Quoting myself …

Yes, it’s hilarious, isn’t it?

I tried for a bog standard three quarter turn staircase, ie. 270 degrees, but it would only “allow me” 260 degrees. Goodness only knows what wacky algorithm they have used but it doesn’t produce anything I recognize.

Ho hum…

I have just taken a look at the straight stairs and that’s pretty limited too. Here in the UK, we have certain parameters for the design of stairs depending on building type. You can input an approximate rise but have no control over going or pitch. So my trial staircase ended up with an imposed pitch of 37 degrees whereas you are allowed up to 42 degrees. Without that kind of flexibility, it is of very limited usefulness. Shame, really, because it could be truly handy.

I’m looking forward to the day they allow user designed Live Components, to see if the limitations are imposed by the design software, or the construction experience of the SU team members who have created the examples.

I hope it’s the latter.

And I hope it isn’t another dead end development like Dynamic Components which haven’t (AFAIK) had any significant updates or bug fixes since their introduction around SU v7 or 8, other than to work with later Ruby versions.

What makes you think that user designed LCs will ever exist? They have been out and about quite a while now and no sign of release into the wild.

I can see the attraction for developers of keeping our grubby hands off them. They can make sure they work and are efficient. Obviously, the downside is that they cannot possibly produce enough of them, or enough flexibility within them, to satisfy the many demands of individual users.

Hopefully, I am completely wrong about all this.