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If LCs are not going to be user constructed from scratch, or not for a while anyway, is there any mechanism for lodging requests for LC models that Trimble produces for us?


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@tickletickle, do we have a channel for requesting LCs?

curious… is it really a component? If you copy it and edit one, do they both change?

I think this demonstrates the limitations of LCs as they stand.

There is a residential panelled door and you can change a lot about it. But whatever you do, it doesn’t look like any door I have ever seen.

For example, you can change the rail width but then all rails, muntins, and stiles, are the same. In practice, the lock rail and bottom rail will always be wider. Also, panel heights are equal whereas in reality, the top panels of a four panel door will always be larger (and it gets even more complex with a 6 panel door!).

Less important is the fact that joint lines show and haven’t been hidden. Also the LC panels are plain and don’t allow for things like raising and fielding.

Having said all that, it’s OK for something generic that looks more or less like a door.

Yes, they both change. Try it!

@simoncbevans I guess is better to describe the “door problems” above on that category…

OK, who can move it there for me?

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:bulb:Actually you can create a new topic there, copy you original post content to there and delete your original post from here…

At your suggestion, I have posted there and expanded on my critique. I was amazed to see that I was the only poster since the OP in October last. Is that an indictment of the LC concept, I wonder? Maybe the jadedness of those who saw DCs introduced to great fanfare but then largely ignored by regulars.

You posted in a topic where describing how to use the category… Why don’t you created a new topic in the category instead?
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I posted there about half a year ago, but since the “repairing time” was about 4 month I decided to not do it anymore…

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Yes. Push the button “+New Topic” there…

I’m getting confused. On the Live Components part of the 3DW, it asks you to post comments here: Feedback and Known Issues | SketchUp Help.

I think I’ll just leave things where I put them and see if anyone else squawks or moves them for me.

The more I try to use LCs, the more issues I see. I know it is only in beta stage still, but if Trimble want to make sure their investment so far doesn’t evaporate in the way they must have done for DCs, they need to up their game.

Here’s an example of two LCs used in conjunction, a door and a window.

The first thing to notice is what appears to be reverse faces - an elementary error. This has been noted before but apparently not corrected.

The second thing is that you would normally expect the width of the LC to correspond to the opening you are putting it in. But they don’t. And worse still, the adjustment you have to make is different for each of these. So there is a lot of mucking about to achieve something that should be almost instantaneous.

The dimension woes would be solved if we were able to stretch the LC, horizontally and vertically. But that seems to have been disabled.

The third thing is that there seems to be no consistency about the origin point. So you not only have to keep fooling around with the width and height but also with location. I would expect the origin to be consistent between models, probably at bottom left front. If we can’t have a standard origin point, then something that displays but doesn’t print should show us where it is.

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One other thing about the length of time it takes to start editing a LC. Here’s a vid that demonstrates the problem. But it can take even longer.

LC edit time


… which instructs testers to post in the SketchUp Labs categories here in this forum.

This category (that @dezmo moved it to) is fine for general discussion of worth and use of LCs.

To discuss details about specific LC components or request new ones, the LC Content subcategory is the place to post. One topic per request or per component.

The spiral stair LC was promising, but it seems buggy. No matter what I enter for total rotation it ends up 343°. I need to be able to do 360° with 30° treads, etc. Need to be able to make a 4" dia. pole (100+mm)

Quoting myself …

Yes, it’s hilarious, isn’t it?

I tried for a bog standard three quarter turn staircase, ie. 270 degrees, but it would only “allow me” 260 degrees. Goodness only knows what wacky algorithm they have used but it doesn’t produce anything I recognize.

Ho hum…

I have just taken a look at the straight stairs and that’s pretty limited too. Here in the UK, we have certain parameters for the design of stairs depending on building type. You can input an approximate rise but have no control over going or pitch. So my trial staircase ended up with an imposed pitch of 37 degrees whereas you are allowed up to 42 degrees. Without that kind of flexibility, it is of very limited usefulness. Shame, really, because it could be truly handy.