Using intersect to cut tiles to wall

I am trying to use intersect faces with model to trim tiles to wall features to remove the unwanted bits of tiles. I want to retain the groups of tiles within a larger group, if possible. I succeeded with a group, but not a group within a group. Not sure what the best practice approach is?

tiles.skp (194.0 KB)

You have to open the groups to the raw geometry of the thing you want to cut.

Keep double clicking on the group until you get all the way into it.

Thanks for your reply.

I see, each individual tile. I hoped to trim groups of tiles.

You made every tile a separate group so in order to modify the tiles you have to modify each group. Kind of like cutting them in real life. You could make it easier on yourself if you didn’t have all the levels of nesting to click through. In SketchUp Pro or SHop you could use the Solid Tools to trim them which would be faster. Not an option in Sketchup Free, however.

That makes sense, thanks