Using interact with a component and a sub-component

Can I use OnClick to animate a sub-component within a dynamic component independently of the main component?

For example, I have a component I want to rotate. I can use onclick to rotate it. Inside of that component there is a sub-component that I would like to rotate also.

I used onclick with subcomponent and it worked fine
Then I added onclick to the main component. Now the main component rotated, but the subcomponent was not recognized (i.e. I could no longer rotate it with the interact tool.

Is it possible to do what I want?

This is a good question and I hope you don’t mind me hanging around to see what comes up. I myself cant answer it and only yesterday starting to watch a tutorial from the the 3d Base camp on HOW get started with them. I am only beginning with them, but the info they provide you will surely come in handy down the road for me. Hang in there as there is a wealth of solid individs here willing to share and a very big help!! Thanks for a very good question…Peace…

You can only work the onClick at one level, otherwise the one above will always work. You can place many onClick points on one level, plus have one of them trigger actions on lower level components, refer to [Q] parametric - constrain plumb-line position - #19 by k_m

Just found this and I am not sure if it will help but it is where I need to start, more like a few steps back though…Peace…

edit: can use the on click to effect components on any level, but the OnClick points must be all on one level

rota_blocks.skp (43.9 KB)

Very cool.
Thank you.
That is exactly what I wanted to do. So I guess with Animate you can refer to the parent component, even though it is in the behaviors of the subcomponent.