Using follow me tool using a shape instead of single line?

Hi there,

Does anyone know the best way (or in fact, any way!) of using follow me tool to create a form using a ‘shape’ instead of a single line?

If there is another way of creating this shape I would be interested in your ideas.

See the screenshot- you can see my two failed attempts …

Thanks guys!!!

I would be more inclined to use PushPull and then Scale the top…


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Follow me will only drag your profile along a single path.

For what you are doing, I would suggest using something like Curviloft to create the interior surface separate from the exterior, then join them together.

Not the direct way, but worth a look… with flowify plugin

flowifyfollowme.skp (622.7 KB)

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Thanks for this John, great animation! Although a great idea i’m not sure I can use this method as the final dimensions have to be pretty accurate…

Great - thanks I will look into Curviloft - would it be suitable for this kind of shape also (you can see another of my failed follow me attempts, it makes an interesting shape but kind of goes off piste if you catch my drift!)

Thanks again

Thanks for this model - amazing ! if you take a look at my comments for The Only Aaron you will see the other shape I am attempting to make - which would you recommend I look into flowify or curviloft? Thanks Cotty!:smiley:

Use Curviloft :wink:

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Curviloft it is !!! thanks again, great responses, great forum

where is the best place to download? thanks :smiley:

Not sure if it’s the same plugin, I’m a newbie, but I think is a trusted website.

As far as I know you need to register.

You can also install the sketcheducation extension (Plugin Store Download | SketchUcation) that lets you find and install more content from that site from SU this way you can access through Extensiones > Sketcheducation > ExtensionStore

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What about this way without extensions?
Probably arcs are not same size, but I guess you can fix it rotating then.
After pulling the shape, I selected the top face and used the Q key to scale, and I hold Ctrl/Cmd to keep constraint.

That’s it.
You can register for a free-membership at SketchUcation and still download and post in the forums - the paid membership offers several additional benefits - your choice.

Also note that some authors like Fredo [and thomthom] usually write their extensions using a common ‘Lib’ of helper methods etc - so as well as downloading Fredo’s tool you need his Lib too…
Install that first, restart SketchUp after the installation of the RBZ archives to ensure everything is synced…


thanks spawn2k99!

You’re welcome.

Hey, so i’ve tried to create this cone shape with the ‘loft by spline’ tool and it doesn’t quite come out right - what am I doing wrong?

Thanks :smile:

You need to give it two shapes to combine… How do you plan for the open spae on the bottom to become the closed shape on the top?

I’ve re-read this thread several times and I’m not entirely clear as to what you are looking for. Maybe you could make a sketch and upload a photo? Doesn’t have to be terribly good. Based on what I’ve read, this is my best guess as to what you’re looking for:

conish.skp (1.5 MB)

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Ok cool thanks

thanks jim I’ve since sorted this with curviloft :smiley: