Use What I have made in SketchUp for album artwork

I’ve made something in SketchUp that I would like to use as album art work for music that I’ve made. I read all through the licensing when downloading SketchUp Pro trial and didn’t see anything related to my question. Just wanted to make sure I don’t step into infringement territory!

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates SketchUp Pro but you posted in the SketchUp Web category.

To @DaveR’s point, this is an example of why your forum profile and the category you choose matter. The methods we recommend will vary depending on which version you are running.

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Lets do SketchUp Pro

I changed the category on the topic.

If you are a licensed SketchUp Pro user, you can use what you create in SketchUp for commercial projects so there’s no reason you couldn’t use images for album artwork. That wouldn’t be any different than others using it for comic book art or architectural renderings or woodworking plans.

I am, Thank you!!! I guess it was more simple than I thought.

Sorry. I don’t know all the legal jargon to make it more complex. :smiley:

Really you should be just fine.

The only requirement is that you share pictures with us in the Gallery because we like to see how folks use SketchUp.


here’s a shot i took a couple days ago


Interesting bit of faux depth of field. Post processing in Photoshop or something?

Yea I used a blur tool in PhotoScape X to kinda fade some stuff just to add a bit of Depth