Upcoming Change to Add Location

Google deprecated the custom terrain service which was serving terrain to all versions of SketchUp. There’s no public announcement for that because SketchUp is the only product impacted. The fact that service was turned down is part of the reason we can no longer support Add Location in older versions of SketchUp. Another reason we can’t support Add Location in older versions is, Google constructed the feature in a way that violates Google’s own terms of service (funny but true) as well at the standard terms of most other geo data providers. As part of our divesture agreement when we were sold to Trimble, SketchUp was indemnified from violating Google’s terms for 5 years. That protection ends this month. SU 2017’s Add Location is implemented in such a way that it does not violate the terms of service for the providers we are leveraging. While I’m not an attorney (like @FrankMcIntyre1951 who by the way, admitted in a public forum to violating SketchUp Make’s EULA yet continues to threaten to sue Trimble), I’m intimately familiar with the legal aspects of this transition.

There were a few other Deprecated Google products which were mentioned in this thread. The big one was Google Earth Enterprise product. The solution there was to use the open source Cesium platform. And it now sounds like google is open sourcing part of their own GEE platform. ***I want to caution though - Google is still not giving away their map data with derivative rights. They open sourced a platform which developers can use to serve and view geo data those developers own or have rights to. The other product that was deprecated was the Google Earth API..