Unwrap and flatten faces of a cone

Hi all, can someone do me a favor and “unwrap and flatten faces” of the simple
Cone.skp (85.3 KB)
Cone I uploaded? I don’t have the plug-in to do that… That would save me a lot of manual modeling hassle… Thanks in advance!

Since you are using SketchUp Free, a plugin won’t help, anyway.

You can unwrap this manually. Turn on Hidden Geometry so you can see the edges between faces. Then you can select and rotate the faces. For the first face, copy it and erase the original so that you can split the surface.

Thanks DaveR. I will try if I can manage. But it looks a bit cumbersome… :slight_smile: You don’t happen to have the plug-in for this?

There are no plug-ins available with the free web version, native tools only!

As I wrote and Guido wrote, SketchUp Free doesn’t have any facility to use an extension.

It’s not that difficult to do with tools you have available in SketchUp Free.

Yeah, I noticed that. Im not so familiar with how to easily rotate those cone-faces under all these different angles. So if someone out there does have a SketchUp version with the plug-in, I’d be really grateful if he/she could upload the result…

It’s a good opportunity for you to practice rotating, you just select all but one segment, click and drag the rotate tool up the edge of the selection, rotate to flat, then unselect one segment and repeat until all done.
A quick example, I did explode the two curves.
GIF 12-06-2022 1-53-36 AM


Thanks for the great support everyone. Wow… Nice useful graphics! I manage to select needed faces. Sorry to ask though, how do I set the rotationplane/axis to be the edge of each face? (Your animation makes it look so simple… :slight_smile: In my case it just snaps to the default horizontal blue, etc)

Ah, I managed now, after re-reading your suggestions. Thanks everybody!

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If your cone frustum is concentric, you can do it rapidly. Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Unfolding a cone frustum.skp (153.7 KB)

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