Units do not apply (to Entity Info Area) as designed

Please fix the following issue:

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What is the issue that needs to be fixed? You need to be “a little more” specific.
Furthermore, in the web version you best start with the desired template with units you need to show. For cm for instance, select millimeters and then change its dimensions to cm. don’t start with some template in inches.

But I agree that the area should reflect the selected unit (see desktop versions).


This bug needs to be fixed as you cannot select unit for area.

The setting is labeled “Length Units” and says nothing about area. It’s not a bug. It would just be nice if they change it so that the area units match the length units. Or even nicer would be to give the option to set area and volume units independent of the length units like you can do in the desktop version.

BTW, it would be helpful if you would complete your profile with the correct information.

Units should be shown in the selected units, as it is of no use that I have length in M, area in feet, volume in pint, and angles in mils. When I select the unit of measurement as metric it should show me metric measurements, not imperial.

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I’m not arguing with you. They could add that feature certainly. At least for SketchUp Shop.

“Now you are talking”. This has been brought up before and I do agree with you that once you select a specific (length) unit, it should be applied not only to length, but also area and volume.
It seems that these changes have been forgotten in the web based version free (and shop?).

It would be a feature to have the abilitie of different units applied, not the other way around as it is now. Thanks for bringing it up again.
@Mark. is this going to be corrected in an update soon?

Hi everyone. Yes, this issue is on our radar, as is the improvement from earlier this year (in the desktop version) that allows you to specify with a bit more control the display units. But that bug is gross: I hope to have an update early next week on the basic respect for the entity info unit display (as well as the unit display for the Area command in a context click).