Uninstalling on a broken computer

The motherboard on my MacBook recently died. So I cannot turn on the machine. How can I uninstall sketchup to reinstall on a new computer?


You have sketchup 2022 as you state in your profile ? then you have the subscription.

with the subscription, no need to uninstall before reinstalling. it’s all login based.

Before, with the classic licence (until 2021), you would have needed access to your old computer to uninstall and free your seat, but no with the subscription, simply login when you start SU. If it tells you you have too many seats, you can make all seats available on your profile, online.

Every 30ish days, you’ll have to login again.

you can instal SU22, 23 or 21, no problem, it’ll require the same login system.

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Awesome, I’ll give it a try. Thank you🙏🏻


You might want to sign in to connect.trimble.com, go to your products and in the SketchUp “card” click on Manage Devices and the Deauthorize All.


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