Unable to save after print action

Unable to save after print action.

Is saving the only thing you can’t do after printing, or you can’t use it at all?

No, I only noticed that. We can continue to modify the model but we can no longer save it.
To overcome this bug, you can reload the model just after printing

Have you sent a report? If not you should, go to sketchup website, then go to contact and open a ticket telling your problem.

Ok thank you I did not know the procedure.

Sorry, I don’t found the ticket link in the sketchup website


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Super. Many thanks

@DC81 did you submit a bug report at the SketchUp support link that @francisquitof posted? Your post made me investigate to see if the Print function was the cause of all my Failed to save errors…and I believe it is! This has been haunting me for years! So, I just submitted a bug report to the SU support team to see if they can reproduce the error and fix it.

Here’s what I reported (minus the pics as I couldn’t include them in the bug report):

Failed to Save Bug.pdf (618.5 KB)

Hopefully they can get this fixed…

Hi Dave, Yes I do with support request number 10547061. They reported this error to developers who are looking into it.

I noticed an other save failure when the worrking project is idle for several minutes (I don’t know how many). Like you I use the autosave option. So like after print PDF action, you can relaod the project and continue your job.

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