Unable to save after Apr 4 update

I was editing a drawing when the Apr 4th release went out, and now I can’t save my changes.
Sketchup repeatedly pops up a dialog box saying “Failed to save”.
How can I avoid losing the changes I made to my drawing?

Are you still having the issue of being unable to save? If you’re stuck, you can choose Download > SKP from the main menu. This will allow to save an offline backup copy. You can then reupload it when the issue is resolved.

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This issue has plagued me forever! Unfortunately, when I get the Failed to save message, it usually hangs SU if I try to save a local copy and I have to manually kill the process (Windows 10).

Then I get whatever was last saved/autosaved. Have read lots of posts about this issue, but never found any real resolution.

For me, it just happens sometimes and after restarting it’ll be good again…until it eventually happens again. Have not been able to tie it to any specific conditions.

Download > SKP displays an hourglass and stays like that. I left it for 20 minutes or so, then was forced to close the browser tab, and lost my changes :frowning:

How big is the .skp file?

I just tried downlading a file from SketchUp for Web. Maybe 3 seconds at most.

Download > SKP simply asked which version I wanted (I chose the most recent), then displayed an hourglass, then did nothing else.
It did not ask for a filename, and therefore did not create an SKP file.

After restarting SU and reopening the drawing, I downloaded the SKP just to see how big it is - 184kb

Did the model file already have a name?

What browser are you using?

Yes, this sounds like the same condition that I described. Its happened to me while editing various size models…doesn’t seem model related as after restarting I can continue working on the same model without a problem…until it happens again…sometimes hours, sometimes days or weeks.

Do you leave the project open with no activities for a long time?
What browser and is the browser up to date?
How stable is your internet connection?
How many minutes you have set for Auto-Save “minutes between saves”?

I did leave the drawing open in my browser for a couple of days, and the new version was released while I had it open.

I am using fully updated Chrome on Windows 10.

I have 2Gbit internet over fibre-optic from TELUS. It’s rock solid.

Can you start a new file in a new window and save that?

Probably then you lost connection while you had your project open in the browser for 2 days. I will advise to save the work and close the drawing when done. Before you start working on the project again please refresh the Application or open it in a new tab so you are in a good application state.

Also, as another backup, you can set the autosave functionality to single digit minutes so you won’t lose long stretches of work. This can be found in the App Settings.

@marwanobeidat in my case with this issue, I admit that I often leave my SU session up on my laptop between working sessions, sometimes for many days, even though I always make sure to Save my model before leaving it open.

I can understand how a stale internet/browser connection might cause this kind of condition. However, I usually run into this problem after working on a model for some period of time (could be hours) and after having successfully saved the model multiple times (either manually or via AutoSave, which is set to 5 minutes). Then all of a sudden, I’ll get the Failed to save condition.

Nevertheless, I will try to develop the habit of always closing my SU session and starting fresh each time. We’ll see if this has any bearing on whether or not, or how often, I get the Failed to save problem.

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So, after reading another post on the Failed to save issue, I think I have found the culprit that is causing this error…for me. If you use the Print option to create PDF files of your model, this can cause the Failed to save error. I was able to create a very simple test case that documents the process that can cause the Failed to save error and the subsequent hanging of the SU process if you try to download your model after getting this error.

If you read my latest post in the referenced thread, you can download a copy of the bug report I submitted regarding this problem to see how simple it is to create this condition.

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