Unable to install Sketchup PRO in French

Hello, when I add the French language to the installation, I get an MD5 error “check faulted for the current file to be staged. The file may be corrupted”
Do you know how to overcome this problem, only the English installation works.

With thanks

Perhaps downloading a fresh copy of the offline version installer might help.

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I agree with Anssi, click here to download:

Thank you Anssi and Demzo, yes I downloaded this version four times and nothing to do, I’m going to try on another laptop to see if the problem is the same…

:thinking: An other advise that you can disable the antivirus program (Windows Defender or 3rd parties).
Since you have an offline installer, you can disconnected from internet.

One more thing in my mind. If you have earlier sub-version of SU 2023 installed, try to remove it using the Windows Control Panel Add-remove program. (Your previous settings/extension wont be removed).
Restart the computer and try the offline installer again.