Unable to convert font to entity

Hi everyone!
I have a problem with converting font to entity. In old API it was possible to convert font to entity and than get its id (for example).
Is it possible to do that in new C API?

Thanks for answers!

Hm… I’m not familiar with the old C++ SDK, but converting font to entity isn’t something I’d expect to work. Or are you referring to Text entities?

Can you show some example code of what you did before?

It was possible to do like this:
ISkpEntity* pEntity;
HRESULT hr = pFont->QueryInterface(IID_ISkpEntity, (void**) &pEntity);
if (FAILED(hr))
return 0;
long id;
hr = pEntity->get_Id(&id);
RELEASE (pEntity);

But now there is no possibility to do that.

Hm… I need to dig deeper into the history of this.

Fonts aren’t a subclass of Entity in our Core or the Ruby or C API.

What font object do you have in the C API? And what are you looking to use the id for?

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