UI.openpanel title not showing in OS X

Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum.
I’m having trouble with UI.openpanel. It doesn’t show the title when running in OS X, no problems in Win 10.
Also, UI.savepanel does show the title. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I tested it with this oneliner.
UI.openpanel("can you read this?", "~/","yes")


neither, the UI.savepanel and UI.openpanel use different nib files, so the behaviour is ‘by design’

You could make a feature request to add the ‘Title’ to the window…


Ok, that’s a surprise.
I guess I’ll have to find a way around this.


what are you wanting to achieve, it does open at the correct path and mac users are use to it…


I’m the author of the webGL panorama plugin.
When using a custom template to generate a panoramic scene, the plugin
requires three different template files(html, css and js), and the order is
specified in the open panel title. Without the title, users can’t know
which filetype is being requested.
For the time being, my solution will be to write some better instructions
for OS X users.

I do know your plugin, I’m ‘driven’ at SCF…

if you have all 3 files in a single folder you only need ask for the Folder…

I always add a title even if it doesn’t show…

    def select_folder
	@select_folder = UI.select_directory(
	title: "Select New File Directory",
	directory: path.to_s

but, why do they need to even look for them?

doesn’t the plugin write the files?


Hey, yes, I’ve seen you around.
The plugin reads and modifies template files to make a new panorama. If you write your own templates for a particular project(different text, different style), you have an option to use them. that’s the option that requires you enter the files one by one.
I’ll see if I can solve that with a webdialog.