SKUI openpanel or savepanel?

I started using SKUI and want to create menus with the equivalent of the UI openpanel and savepanel.
It looks like SKUI does not have that implemented yet. Do you have some HTMLDialog code that
does the openpanel/savepanel functionality?

Thank you!

SKUI is an old public repository by ThomThom.

However … it’s README says …

Work in Progress

This project is at it’s early stages. Many changes will happen. Please do not make use of it as of yet. It’s available here in order to be able to discuss the project.

So, it was a conceptual project. And it wrapped the API’s UI::WebDialog class which is now deprecated. Using deprecated API methods or classes is problematic as they can be removed in future releases.

Note that there was an open question about fixing the project to use the API’s newer Chromium-based cross-platform UI::HtmlDialog class …

I myself did this for a customer project some years past, so it is doable. [ corrected below ]

It is likely since there are numerous enhancement issues open as well as unprocessd pull requests, that this project is obsolete.

This question has been asked before (perhaps not specific to the SKUI project, but for web dialogs in general.)

If I remember correctly, @TIG has spoken in past threads of implementing an openpanel interface in a web dialog for a client project. I think he said he might not be able to share that code, but can answer questions you might have when you reach an impasse.

I also think that the SKUI project was lacking many of the HTML control elements. So you may need to add what you need to your own SKUI implementation. (Follow the guidelines and wrap the SKUI module & classes within your own namespace.)

Thanks for the comments. Sounds like there’s nothing to leverage so I’ll have to code
it up from scratch instead of using SKUI. :neutral_face:

Why is it that the API openpanel and savepanel implementations cannot be used ?

This was speaking of HTML edit control elements that needed to be added to a project …

… but I erred in saying it had to do with the SKUI project.

It was actually a Trimble Team example project (that ThomThom also authored) …

The UI openpanel and savepanel are separate dialog boxes. I would like to have
a single form that has entries for a filename and also “inputbox” elements. Seems the
current API allows you to have one or the other, but not both.

Well on MS Windows these dialogs are actually the same. It comes from the system’s common dialog library. (However, the “File Types” dropdown and filetype filters only work when called from the UI::openpanel method.)

The only interface that comes anywhere close to this is the Importer interface. If an importer object has a supports_options? callback method that returns true, then the openpanel will have an “Options” button that fires whatever happens in the importer object’s do_options method. (But the user must click the “Options” button which is not always obvious to every user.)

And the only way to trigger an importer interface is via the File > Import… menu item and it’s open panel. The user must select your filetype importer from the drop-down picklist.

We’ll be releasing examples of creating UI’s using the Trimble Modus UI framework. Keep an eye on announcements in the forums here and on the main developer portal.