[Tutorial] How to write SketchUp correctly: "SketchUp" or "Sketchup"

I often see some people misspell “SketchUp”. Like “sketchup” “sket up” “skec UP” “scetc” etc… This is all wrong.

“SketchUp” starts with a capital letter and the letter - before the last letter - “U” is also a capital letter.
However “u” is also acceptable. This is the two format I recommend:
SketchUp or Sketchup.
For example:
I’m currently using SketchUp 2023.
I found a bug in the Sketchup Ruby API documentation .

model = Sketchup.active_model

It is really easy to to do: when you start posting there is a template you can follow, letter by letter. You are also allowed to correct the mistakes during typing:

You can also use as template the address bar of your web browser. (You just need to remember: “SketchUp” starts with a capital letter):

Bonus advise: After you posted your topic or answer to the topic at the very bottom of your own post there is a pencil icon imagewith a purpose:
By clicking this, you can correct, for example, typing errors in your post.

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I often see Trimble spelt incorrectly.

It seems that when people are upset about something Trimble have done to SketchUp they spell it Tremble.


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as a long time user of Ketchup, I find this tutorial quite well done.

  • … to collect your :beers: :beer:

  • and to edit your own post!

Well noted, corrected in a first post… :innocent:

Also note that although the ‘official’ Trimble name is SketchUp, when you use the Ruby API any reference to it must be written Sketchup !!


Yes,sir! :+1: Added…
However: :wink:

This is something that could annoy a German, cause in German all the nouns must start with capital letter, even the not proper nouns like Tisch, Magenschleimhautentzündung, Tor, usw.

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I don’t think it matters. SketchUp is SketchUp.
Like your name is Francisco and not “FrancisCo” or not “Frank isco”. :innocent: :peace_symbol:

What can I say!


■■■■ phone


Now I perhaps have to revise my concept of French gastronomy.


If it’s not from the SketchUp Region of France it’s just sparkling CAD.


“Mom, can we get some Ketchup?”

“No, we have some at home.”

The Ketchup you have at home:



When you order food frequently you don’t need to get ketchup and mayonnaise from the supermarket.
I say that to my wife all the time but she still keeps buying them and we don’t have more space to store the sachets.

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Seems like my copy of SkitchUp also goes by the name Bug Splat!

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