TrueBend as a useful tool for green wall

Hello, I am trying to make a circular green wall. I import a green plant photo that I find it useful for my purpose.
Is TrueBend working only for a 2d surface, but not 3d wall with reasonable thickness or I am not aware how to use it? I tried different ways to attach and glue the picture on wall and made a group; The picture is not bent, but the surface!

Youtube instruction for Truebend

Will bend 3D objects.

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Provided the image is inside the group you created, it sounds to me like you need to open the group for editing, select the image and explode it. Close the group for editing and try Truebend again. See how that goes.

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TrueBend is focused on the bending of geometry and less about imagery. If you are looking to map an image to a curved surface, like a cylinder, you will want to try texture mapping extensions like SketchUV.

You can also try mapping the texture manually using SketchUp’s native tools